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The Newest 4k/HDR Movies & TV Series on Amazon Prime

Amazon has an extensive library of movies and TV shows in 4k, with most of those titles available to purchase or rent such as newly-released Baby Driver and Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars. But what if you only want to watch movies that are free with Prime? Let’s take a look at some of the newest titles included with your Prime membership that stream in 4k, with some offering HDR color range.

Keep in mind these movies and TV series will only show up in 4k and/or HDR on supporting internet-connected TVs and devices via the Amazon Video app. When looking on a PC you won’t see options to view the title 4k. (See this list of devices that support Amazon 4k Ultra HD.)



The Lost City of Z

Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, and Sienna Miller star in this Werner Herzog-like adventure about the true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett who journeys into the Amazon in the early 1900s, discovering evidence of an ancient but advanced civilization at the end of the river.


The Salesman

Oscar-winning film The Salesman (Best Foreign Language Film of the Year)is about Forced out of their apartment due to dangerous works on a neighboring building, Emad and Rana move into a new flat in the center of Tehran. An incident linked to the previous tenant will dramatically change the young couple’s life. The Salesman is an Amazon Original Movie. Persian language film with English subtitles.



Starring Adam Driver and Golshifteh Farahani, Paterson is about a guy who does the same thing every day: he drives his daily route, he writes poetry into a notebook; he stops in a bar and drinks exactly one beer; he goes home to his wife, Laura. But Laura´s world is the opposite, with new dreams every day. The 2-hour film looks at every day life, and the poetry found in its details.

TV Shows/Series


Tin Star (Season 1)

Tin Star casts Tim Roth as former British detective Jim Worth who brings his family to the tiny, quiet town of Little Big Bear in the Canadian Rockies. When his small town is overrun by migrant workers from a massive new oil refinery, organized crime evolves and threatens its tranquility.


The Tick (Season 1) HDR

Mild-mannered accountant Arthur has his life turned upside down when he runs into a mysterious blue superhero who insists they become a crime-fighting duo to defend the city against a super villain. The series was created by Supernatural producer Ben Edlund.


Comrade Detective (Season 1)

Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon Levitt provide voice dubs for this satirical comedy that is based on the idea of a fictional Romanian TV show from the 80s that had disappeared. The found buddy cop series promoted Communist ideals and nationalism, and has been digitally remastered and dubbed into English for the first time.

Long-Strange-TripLong Strange Trip (Season 1) HDR

From Director Amir Bar-Lev & Executive Producer Martin Scorsese, this 4-hour documentary tells the tale of the inspiring but complicated cult-band the Grateful Dead.

Le-MansLe Mans (Season 1) HDR

Not to be confused with Le Mans (1971) starring Steve McQueen, this Amazon Original Series documetary gives viewers access to the best in class teams, high-tech cars, and professional drivers who put it all on the line in what’s known as “the Mount Everest of motorsports.”


I Love Dick (Season 1) HDR

From Jill Soloway (Transparent), I Love Dick explores the complicated marriage between a writer and filmmaker who move to Marfa, Texas where they meet Dick (Kevin Bacon), an eclectic professor who inadvertently brings more complications to the the couple’s relationship.

List of 4k HDR Movies & TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video

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