Stranger Things Season 2 premiere date announced by Netflix

stranger-things-season2-poster-cropWe all knew the second season of the breakthrough Netflix series Stranger Things would be sometime this fall, but not the exact date. In fact, IMDB still has the premiere listed for October 31st. But we do know how much Netflix likes to use Friday as its usual premiere date (just like movie premieres), so the actual launch date of Stranger Things: Season 2 will be October 27th.

Stranger Things stars a cast of young actors who will be inevitably growing fast, so it will be interesting to see how creators Matt and Ross Duffer work the script to adjust to the natural order of time. To compare, we’ve seen Game of Thrones‘ actor Maisie Williams start as a much younger Arya Stark in Season 1 (2011) who is now going into Season 7 effectively seven years later.

We’re still waiting for a new trailer to be released for Stranger Things: Season 2, (for now, check out the Super Bowl trailer below), but we did get a nice new poster (scroll down for the full poster) that’s just so vintage 80’s it could have been the sequel to E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and, a short teaser video that magically transitions into the poster (see it on Twitter).



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