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Vudu’s ‘Fate of the Furious’ 4k UHD bundle is questionably pricey

F8-vudu-uhd-saleMore and more digital movies (mainly blockbusters) are being offered in 4k UHD upon release of the Full HD (1080p) version, and Universal’s The Fate of the Furious is one of them. Both Google Play and Vudu sell the Digital UHD version of the film for $29.99, but Vudu is also offering a bundle that is questionably expensive.

The bundle, priced at $59.98, contains the theatrical version and new Extended Director’s Cut of the film with an extra 13 minutes. Would you pay that much for the same movie in two versions? It seems awful pricey.

Other films that come with extended versions or director’s cuts may treat the versions as bonus content. For example, the digital purchase of DC’s Suicide Squad in UHD contains both the theatrical and extended cut, and Marvel’s Logan features a black-and-white version of the film titled “Logan Noir” as an extra.

Those of you considering purchasing F8 in Digital UHD might just want to do it with Vudu though, because the service is selling the bundle for $29.99 — the same price as a single 4k title. Is it a ploy to sell more UHD copies of The Fate of the Furious? Maybe so. But does anyone ever watch the theatrical cut once they own the extended cut?

By the way, The Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice UHD bundle is priced the same as F8, with the theatrical and Extended Cut of the film for $29.99 (List: $59.98).

On Vudu, both the theatrical and Extended Director’s Cut of The Fate of the Furious contain the extra featurette “Extended Prison Fight Scene,“ and 4k video is featured in HDR utilizing the Dolby Vision specification. The soundtrack will play Dolby Digital Plus.

View a list of 4k UHD movies on Vudu, and see this list of compatible devices.


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