NBA Offers 1 Week Trial Of League Pass

nba-league-pass-logoFor the first week of the NBA’s regular season the league is offering a trial of NBA League Pass — a subscription to get up to 40 out-of-market NBA games per week on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.

The NBA League Pass also allows subscribers to stream up to 4 live games at once, and keep up to date with up to 8 favorite teams. In addition, League Pass provides audio streams of all NBA games.

For those who want to save money or follow only one team, the NBA offers a less expensive NBA Team Pass for single team access.

The free previews of both NBA League Pass and NHL Center Ice start on Tuesday, October 25th and end on Tuesday, November 1st.

Potential subscribers should understand there are blackout restrictions. For example, if you live within the Phoenix market you won’t be able to watch Suns games while they are at home.

NBA League Pass costs $199 per year, while single-team access costs $119. NBA League Pass audio costs $9.99 for the year.


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