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Website Offers Streaming Movie Suggestions By Mood & More

agoodmovietowatch-homeIn the mood to watch a movie but just can’t think of any good titles off the top of your head? The website offers movie suggestions based on different criteria, and includes titles available on Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix.

The’ve got movie lists under several categories such as Staff Picks, Genres, Best Films, and a Randomly-generated pick that might surprise you with a great suggestion. But what might be the most useful tool on the site is a way to search for titles by mood.

For example, if you want to watch a suspenseful film you just click on that mood and it will pull up movies like Munich (2005) and The Drop (2014). Want something with more action? Click on Action-Packed within the mood page and you’ll get suggestions such as Snowpiercer (2014) and Ip Man (2008).

In addition, you can pull up a list of 100 21st Century movies you’ve never heard of from the Staff Picks “Most Underappreciated” films. And, under the same menu you’ll find more Netflix lists such as “23 Best on Netflix” and “Best Documentaries on Netflix.”

There isn’t an endless number of movie titles on the site, but if you’ve got Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu you’ll find plenty of alternate methods to browse for titles to watch.

The only problem with many of the suggestions that come up, especially when finding Netflix titles, is that the movie may only be available in certain countries where Netflix operates. Look for the “On Netflix” label that will list the countries the movie is available in.


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