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HD Report | August 20, 2017

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Comcast Kids Zone moved from Beta testing

Comcast Kids Zone moved from Beta testing
Jeff Chabot

Comcast’s recent additions to personalization on the Xfinity X1 platform include the official launch of Kids Zone. Previously in beta testing within Comcast Labs, Kids Zone provides a selection of titles that are meant to be safe for kids of all ages, from networks such as Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nick Jr., and Sprout.  Comcast claims to have received enough positive feedback from customers reviewing the kid-friendly option to officially add it to the X1 platform. X1 customers can find Kids Zone through the Xfinity TV guide by selecting On Demand > Kids, or through the guide’s Search feature using either text or voice. Other updates to the X1 platform include improved music video entity pages, recommendations refresh with “Show Me Another” option, and pairing instructions to set up the X1 remote control by pressing the Setup button for 3 seconds followed by the XFINITY button. Comcast customers can try out other sandbox features before they go live by looking for the subsection “Comcast Labs” under “Settings / Preferences.”

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