LG will stop making plasma TVs in favor of LCD

LG 50-inch plasma TVLG Electronics Inc. said they will stop making plasma TVs by the end of this November, in favor of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology. Several reasons were explained for not continuing production of plasma sets, including the fact that plasma demands more energy and generates more heat than LCD displays, and that new advances in screen resolution (such as 4k ‘Ultra HD’) are hard to keep up with.

What’s more, the company said plasma TVs only accounted for 2.4 percent of their 2013 revenue.

LG has approximately a dozen current plasma TV models with 42-inch to 60-inch screen sizes. Several of the models integrate Smart TV technology with access to streaming video and audio services, and fewer still support 3D content. The current plasma sets range in price from $449 to $1,399.

“No matter how much we try to keep it going it’s just not a business anymore,” LG’s Ken Hong told Reuters.

Source: Reuters


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