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New Verizon FiOS Quantum TV boasts 200 Hours HD Recording

Verizon has introduced their new FiOS Quantum TV service that can record 200 hours of HD programming and up to 12 different shows at once. The increase in record time can be attributed to Verizon’s 1TB VMS1100 High-Definition Video Server that can be extended to 2TBs of storage, six tuners, and is capable of connecting up to four IP client set-top boxes via integrated MoCA 1.1/2.0.

Like other in-home DVR services, FiOS Quantum TV lets you pause a program in one room and resume in another, as well as set recording functions from each connected client.

Quantum TV is offered in either Premium or Enhanced tiers, the former offering half the amount of storage space at 1TB and 100 hours of HD recording.

If you are lucky enough to live in North Texas or Harrisburg, PA where beta testing of the service was held, you can already sign up for FiOS Quantum TV. If not, Verizon says they’re rolling out the new service to FiOS TV markets within the next few months.

“By listening to our customers, we’re doing for TV what we did for the Internet with the launch of FiOS Quantum service,” said Bob Mudge, president of the consumer and mass business unit of Verizon.


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