Style Network channel replaced by Esquire Network

Knife-Fight-Esquire-Network-Still1If you’re looking for the Style Network today you’ll find the channel has been replaced, or rebranded if you will, as Esquire Network. The men-focused channel has a full schedule of programming planned such as the cooking competition “Knife Fight,” and the reality boxing program “White Collar Brawlers.” Esquire Network is also currently broadcasting movies more focused towards men such as “Casino Royale,” “Crank,” and “Semi-Pro.”

Earlier this year NBC-Universal announced the network, which was originally supposed to replace the geek-focused channel G4 in April. Thank the gaming gods G4 lives on. But this is unfortunate news for fans of Style Network shows such as “Jerseylicious,” “Giuliana & Bill,” and “‎Made in Chelsea.”

Shows coming to Esquire Network this week include “The Getaway,” “Boundless” and “Brew Dogs.” Later this fall “Horseplayers,” “How I Rock It,” and “Risky Listing” will premiere.

“It’s a “white space” we’ve identified on the media landscape…and we’ve staked a claim with a broad range of programming that celebrates the interests and passions of men today,” said Esquire Network.

Upon launch, the new Esquire Network is available in 75 million homes across the US. The channel can be found on DirecTV (Ch. 235, 1235), Dish (Ch. 115), AT&T U-verse (Ch. 380, 1380), and many cable TV systems both in the US and internationally.

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24 Replies to “Style Network channel replaced by Esquire Network”

  1. Hey everybody, my name is Brandon Drummond. I heard that the style network is coming this fall. I really miss that network. I hope that it will air back on directv soon. and I was wondering, what channel is the style network on
    Brandon Drummond

  2. SIKuvitALL says:


    1. SIKuvitALL says:

      Same here. If I could REMOVE ESQUIRE from the cable line-up I would. I HATE ESQUIRE. So many great shows they took away from us! BOILING OVER THIS! We are SO PISSED OFF! I want to CANCEL that damn Esquire no good shit channel.

  3. MAN+W/+A+BIG+DONG says:


  4. Kimberly Psykala says:

    I’m really taken aback by the Esquire channel replacing the style network! What’s happening to all the shows that were on like Tia & Tamara and Jerseylicious?

  5. Baylor says:

    I hate this new channel it’s nothing like style. I’m really disappointed. All I watched was style. I’m pretty sure no one is in favor of this change.

  6. Nashell Lanese Osburne says:

    This is so fucked up!!! I loved Jerseylicious, Big Rich Texas and Tia& Tamera idiot CEO’S of the style network

  7. Kathy says:


  8. Kathy says:

    I love BIG RICH TEXAS but recently my cable company dropped STYLE NETWORK and replaced with ESQUIRE which is so an uninteresting channel, how do I get STYLE back as a channel lineup…I really would like to include BIG RICH GEORGIA to my viewing preference and if it is aired in ATLANTA, GEORGIA then why has STYLE been taken from our channel lineup

  9. StyleFan says:

    Soooo mad right now!!! Give us Style back. I need my Tia & Tamera fix

  10. CMAC says:

    What the f… I can’t believe that they eliminated my favorite channel. That is all I watched. Certainly not going to watch this crap. I guess I will be watching network TV for the first time in years. I hope this shit does a crash and burn and takes whoever is responsible with it.

  11. Peoples says:

    Totally agree with Mammajoe! NBC Universal…. for ‘The Girls’ this NEW channel sucks! If you want Esquire for ‘The Boys’ set up your own channel…give us back the Style Network! Esquire BOSS….This transition will be ‘NATURAL & INTUITIVE’…Seriously, what were you thinking? Do you even know who the Style Network audience is? You have abandoned a HUGE section of the population & you don’t even know it! Or do you just not care! Just because you play multiple shows of Sex & the City doesn’t make up for what you took away! SERIOUSLY I’M SO ANGRY!!!!!! If I could remove this NEW station from my expanded line up, I would!

  12. Unhappy Viewer says:

    I am totally in agreement with all of these comments! Put the Style channel back on and take off this BULLSHIT channel!!!! This more than sucks!!!! Men have enough sports channels now, I don’t get this change. No one is going to be watching this crap! I am tired of paying for all the crap that I don’t like or watch. Let me pay for what I want to watch! I hope it comes down to paying for what you WANT to see. I am all for that. You know what you can do with this channel……..

  13. holly says:

    this is bullshit!!!! y would they take a very popular network like style network off n put this dumbass shit on.all the shows i watch r on style network.put style back take G4 off

  14. Hot in Texas says:

    No F-ing way, how stupid. I too would like to know where the shows went to so I can follow. Cause I sure will not be watching this JUNK!!!

  15. Ruby says:

    Really? ?!!!!!!! Esquire? ?? Why the hell do something stupid like replacing the STYLE NETWORK????
    Beyond Pissed

  16. Brandon says:

    Thats something that Comcast/NBCUniversal did.

  17. Elicia Solomon says:

    So I just discovered Hot Listings Miami, and now this?! I’m pissed. Why whenever I found a new network with a show I like, the channel gets taken over by someone else? 1st Discovery Health, now the style network. so aggravated I live in South Florida and like looking at the extremely expensive places I can only see from the outside. So pissed right now. I was so just about to put it on to, but nope, the powers that be are stupid. This show just started, what are they gonna do, just cancel it?

  18. Molly Barcenas-Marenco says:

    err so pissed I want my style back

  19. E says:

    Where the F are all the Style shows?

  20. Mamajoe says:

    Esquire, the Network nobody asked for or wanted!

  21. rhonda90402 says:

    I want G4 and Style channel back!

    1. FJ says:

      I hate the new Chanel I can’t watch my shows wtf WHY I’m so pissed off .. I can’t find my shows on any other Chanel I’ve been look like a damn fool everyday fuck the new Chanel OMG who’s stupid idea was this . I want to watch Tia and tamera and what ever else come on style network . FUCK!!!!!

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