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DIRECTV offers free trial of DOGTV

dogtv_logoAre you a dog or cat person? DIRECTV is offering a free trial of DOGTV on Channel 354 through August 17. DOGTV typically requires a monthly subscription fee of $4.99, and is uniquely programmed to appeal to, well, your dog. DOGTV broadcasts images and audio that apparently make your dog happy and relaxed. Each show lasts 3-6 minutes (we wouldn’t want our pups to be bored, would we?), and the channel conveniently broadcasts 24/7.

Unfortunately, DOGTV is only broadcast in 480i. But, an HD channel for dogs might be considered of a waste of bandwidth, don’t you think?

DOGTV was first launched in February 2012 on Cox and Time Warner Cable in the San Diego area. DIRECTV started broadcasting the channel on August 1, 2013.

DIRECTV tweeted that the trial runs through Aug. 17, but the company’s website indicates a free preview through Aug. 14. So, don’t hold us to either date.

DIRECTV also launched the new channel “pivot” featuring documentaries, films, and talk shows about pop culture and activism. You can find pivot on Channel 267.

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