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HDNet Movie premieres this month

The_Rock_movie_posterComing up this month, HDNet Movies will broadcast several movies in HD that are new to the network. Premiering on Monday, July 22, the 1960 Walt Disney film Pollyanna will be aired for the first time. Later that evening, the network will broadcast the sci-fi film The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) directed by Robert Wise with Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal. On Thursday, July 25, Mitchell Musso, Steve Buscemi, and Catherine O’Hara provide voiceovers for the animated film Monster House (2006). On Wednesday, July 24, the comedy Top Secret (1984) starring Val Kilmer and Peter Cushing airs for the first time. On Friday, July 26, Paramount/Nickelodeon’s Clockstoppers (2002) starring Jesse Bradford and French Stewart premieres. And on Saturday, July 27, Michael Bay’s The Rock starring Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris will broadcast for the first time on HDNet Movies.

HDNet Movies is available on DirecTV (Ch.561), Dish Network (Ch. 383), Verizon FiOS (Ch. 746), AT&T U-verse (Ch. 1106) and through many cable television systems (check your channel guide).

For specific times and encores refer to the schedule below.

Cast: Hayley Mills, Jane Wyman, Richard Egan Director: David Swift
An always-optimistic little girl changes the lives of a small, feuding town’s inhabitants.
G – 1960 – 2:14 –
Mon., Jul. 22 – 6:00 AM ET / 3:00 AM PT
Mon., Jul. 22 – 12:15 PM ET / 9:15 AM PT
Sun., Jul. 28 – 7:45 AM ET / 4:45 AM PT
Sun., Jul. 28 – 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT

The Day the Earth Stood Still
Cast: Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe Director: Robert Wise
After the end of WWII, an alien arrives on the planet Earth, informing the inhabitants that they must learn to live peacefully or else they will be destroyed.
TV-G – 1951 – 1:32 –
Mon., Jul. 22 – 6:45 PM ET / 3:45 PM PT
Mon., Jul. 22 – 11:15 PM ET / 8:15 PM PT

Monster House
Cast: Steve Buscemi, Mitchel Musso, Catherine O’Hara Director: Gil Kenan
When a teenager’s ball falls in his evil neighbor’s yard, he and his friends discover the neighbor’s house is an actual, living monster.
PG – 2006 – 1:30 –
Thu., Jul. 25 – 9:30 AM ET / 6:30 AM PT
Thu., Jul. 25 – 2:45 PM ET / 11:45 AM PT

Cast: Jesse Bradford, French Stewart, Paula Garces Director: Jonathan Frakes
A father and son must learn how to work together when the teenager gets his hands on a machine that speeds up his movement through time while everything else stands still.
PG – 2002 – 1:33 –
Fri., Jul. 26 – 10:15 PM ET / 7:15 PM PT
Sat., Jul. 27 – 11:15 AM ET / 8:15 AM PT

Top Secret
Cast: Val Kilmer, Peter Cushing, Jim Carter Director: Jim Abrahams
This spoof of Elvis and WWII films features an American rock-n-roll singer who somehow gets mixed up in the French resistance.
PG – 1984 – 1:30 –
Wed., Jul. 24 – 6:20 PM ET / 3:20 PM PT
Thu., Jul. 25 – 4:25 AM ET / 1:25 AM PT

The Rock
Cast: Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris Director: Michael Bay
The only man that has ever escaped “The Rock” is also the only one who can prevent chaos when a renegade general takes over Alcatraz.
R – 1996 – 2:16 –
Sat., Jul. 27 – 6:45 PM ET / 3:45 PM PT
Sat., Jul. 27 – 11:15 PM ET / 8:15 PM PT

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