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Xbox One will play used games, Microsoft confirms

xbox-one-frontXbox One game sharing policies are also clarified.

Here’s some great news for Xbox owners who frequent the used games section of Gamestop and other retailers who stock pre-owned software. Microsoft has confirmed the next-generation Xbox One will play used games that third-party content creators agree to (meaning, publishers may opt-out of allowing transfer). And, they stated they will not charge a fee or receive any compensation for transferred games. The company also stated they are exploring loaning and renting options, although not available upon launch.

Microsoft clarified their policies on sharing games. The Xbox One will allow you to access your entire game library, without a discs, because your copies will be stored in the cloud. Any friends or family will have unlimited access to your library while in your home. And, up to 10 family members will be able to access your library from an Xbox One whether in-home or not.

However, Microsoft clarified that disc-based games will only be shareable with a user’s friends who have been linked for at least 30 days.

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