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DIRECTV adding Voice Search to phone app

It won’t be long before finding something to watch on TV will be as easy as speaking into your phone. DIRECTV says a beta release of a new feature called “Voice” will be added to an upcoming version of the DIRECTV phone app. The app (hinted to release this summer) will let you command searches using your voice either at home or on the go. You might hope that a simple command such as “Record” would be an option, making remote DVR control as easy as pie. At home, DIRECTV promises you’ll also be able display your dialogue on screen, search results, and change channels.

A voice controlled guide search is certainly a welcome breakthrough. Finding popular titles on DIRECTV (such as “Game of Thrones”) isn’t the most complicated search you can execute, as there are promotional graphics for the show all over the channel guide. But finding lesser-known shows or movies can be a real drag, especially within that long-winded Video On Demand guide (DIRECTV subscribers, you know what we’re talking about).

DIRECTV says finding programming with Voice control will be as easy as speaking into the phone and asking “Search for Toy Hunter,” or, “Find the Heat game.” You’ll also be able to ask, “What movies are on HBO tonight?”

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