Netflix Premieres Hemlock Grove Today

Starting today, Netflix subscribers can watch all 13 episodes of the new Eli Roth produced horror series Hemlock Grove.  The series features former villainous Bond girl, Famke Janssen as Olivia Godfrey, wealthy mother to an arrogant and supernaturally powerful son, Roman Godfrey (Bill Skarsgård), and Lili Taylor as a Roma mother, Lynda Rumancek who, with her son Peter (a possible werewolf, fancy that!), moves to Hemlock Grove, PA under the gaze of distrustful citizens and a slew of murders focusing on the young girls of the town.

The show is already being tagged as both slightly inferior to the high standard set by Netflix’s House Of Cards, while getting painted with the broad brush of Twilight-style teenage occult shenanigans with a strong dose of CW-styled fashionable nubiles traipsing around the strong horror and gore elements provided in the first episode by torture-porn maven Eli Roth.  Future episodes will be directed by veteran TV directors, Deran Serafian and T.J. Scott.

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Christian Hokenson

Christian Hokenson

Christian Hokenson enjoys knife throwing, growing exotic mosses, and that warm spot where the sun shines through the corrugated box. Christian also writes for Gadget Review. You can also find Christian on Google+, and Twitter.

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