Verizon FiOS TV launches Spanish-language channel Cine Estelar

Verizon has launched the Spanish-language channel “Cine Estelar” as part of the FiOS TV lineup. The channel is set up alongside the recently launched Cine Nostalgia, adding more Spanish-language films for Verizon customers. Cine Estelar runs 24-hours and broadcasts Mexican films from the 1960’s until now, boasting over 250 premieres a year. Together, both networks encompass a library of over 3,000 films. FiOS TV customers with the La Conexion package can find Cine Estelar on channel 1688, and Cine Nostalgia on 1687. Unfortunately the channel is not available in high definition. But, if you’re into Mexican films or just want to polish up on your Spanish these channels are a great resource.

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