Netflix says nevermind to video games, maybe to 3D streaming

Along with that whole Qwikster thing Netflix ran past the public in September before yanking it back, the concept of renting video games by mail has also been nixed by the entertainment rental giant. CEO Reed Hastings says Netflix has no intentions of challenging GameFly in the game rental biz, knocking down the plan he announced just a few short months ago. The Netflix team made brief mention of this nugget during this week’s conference call with investors, as well as shooting down any thoughts of offering a streaming/cloud video game distribution service. One option that is on the table, though, is the streaming of 3D films. “On streaming, that is definitely something we can do and we will be looking at,” Hastings said. Of course you can already rent 3D Blu-rays by mail, but when the sudden urge to watch The Smurfs in all three of their dimensions pounces on you, you’d like to have that instant gratification option, ya know?

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Sam Jordan

Sam Jordan

Sam Jordan is a freelance writer, editor, and comedian.

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