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AT&T to raise U-verse TV sub rates in 2011

AT&T is set to raise subscription rates for U-verse TV services in February, 2011. The increases, according to Multichannel, will go up by up to 10% in the company’s second year of raising subscription rates. Increases in rates will range from 2.4% to 10.2% depending on when you signed up for U-verse TV.

As of Feb. 1, 2011 U-verse TV will implement the following package rates: U-family ($54); U100 ($59); U200 ($69); U200 Latino ($79); U300 ($84); and U450 ($117).

Those customers locked into promotional rates, however, will not see any increases until their contract expires.

AT&T will still offer the U-basic package carrying just local television stations for $19 per month with a $29 activation fee for new customers.

AT&T offers approximately 140 HD channels via its U-verse Digital TV service including ESPN HD, Bravo HD, MGM HD, and premium high-definition channels such as HBO HD and Showtime HD.


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