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Does your DVR quit before a game ends?

Ever been watching a recording of a game you were dying to see and the darn DVR cuts out with a minute to go? Picture this. It’s the bottom of the ninth, based are loaded, your team is down by one run and the recording just ends. Sure, you can easily go to MLB.com and check out the final score…but the point is you missed the defining moment in the game!

Frustrating? Well here’s a solution. Your DVR scheduler only goes by the program guide for recording time. It doesn’t have the intelligence to keep recording if a game (or any other program) is running too long. If the guide says the game ends at 9 p.m., the recording stops at 9 p.m. (give or take a few minutes).

The way you can get the whole game recorded is by setting the DVR to record the show following. If you want to be ultra safe, record another hour or two after the scheduled game ends. That way, for example, if a baseball game goes into extra innings you’ve got the whole game covered.

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