‘Iron Man 2’ trailer released, slates movie for May 2010

Here’s a look at the new Iron Man film slated for release in May 2010. The trailer starts out looking like a circus but when the bad guys arrive it gets a bit more interesting. Robert Downey Jr. returns as Iron Man along with Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. New cast members include Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and “The Wrestler” Mickey Rourke changes roles as Whiplash — who appears to give the hero a run for his money.

Other cast members to show up the Iron Man sequel include Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer), Leslie Bibb (Christine Everhart), Olivia Munn (Iron Maiden), and Garry Shandling as Senator Stern.

From the trailer it looks like Iron Man finds a crime fighting partner in War Machine (played by Don Cheadle), a character who first appeared in 1979 in the comic book Iron Man (#118).

(NOTE: We swapped out the 3rd party trailer with the official Marvel trailer in the hopes of gaining some sharpness. Sorry about the freeze frame – we can’t control that.)

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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot writes about technology, broadcasting, and digital entertainment. You can also find him on Gameverse, Gadget Review, and Google+.

3 Replies to “‘Iron Man 2’ trailer released, slates movie for May 2010”

  1. george says:

    that’s not true. Rourke was never considered for that role, only the Whiplash role. Here’s an old USA Today article http://www.usatoday.com/life/movies/news/2009-06-09-ironman2-rourke_N.htm

  2. DonR says:

    I heard Rourke was supposed to be War Machine. Thank God that didn’t happen!

  3. jerseydevil says:

    I just hope this movie doesnt get lame. remember what happened to batman when they added too many celebs!

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