Home News Sony looks to cut loses on Playstation 3

Sony looks to cut loses on Playstation 3

Europeans won’t be able to play most Playstation 2 games on their new
Playstation 3 consoles as Sony looks to cut costs on this expensive
unit. Production costs are high for the PS3, and part of the reason for
that is the additional chip needed to allow PS2 games to be played.

According to the The Associated Press, a Sony spokesperson says the PS3 “will instead use special software to play PS2 games.” I’m not sure what this means. Is the software ready? Tested? How can software replace a chip?

But the chip was not fully compatible anyway. When the PS3 was first released last fall, thousands of PS2 games were not working. I’m not sure why this is such a big issue…if you just plug your PS2 back into your television you can play PS2 games. What is the problem?

Oh, were you planning on selling your PS2 to recover some $ from the PS3 purchase? That I can understand. The PS3 is a pricey unit, and to NOT be backward compatible after all that is very concerning.

However look at the other side of the coin. The PS3 is a next gen gaming console – it was built for high definition and to take gaming to the next level. Would you have wanted your first DVD player to cost a lot more just so it could still play VHS tapes?

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