Online HD content from Azureus

I heard about this new online video site which provides HD content for free. So I tried to download the installer for Mac OSX. It downloaded a zip but when I opened the installer nothing happened. “Zudeo” from Azureue already lost me.

I went to the site and it seems they do have a lot of HD or high rez content but it is all got to be downloaded. I guess the app somehow needs to be running to get the videos to work. I tried dowloading a vid (to open with Java Web Start) and got the message “Unable to launch Azureus launcher”.

YouTube inventors seem so modest about their product, which has become more than what they ever dreamed off. But what they did was remarkable from a user, or viewer perspective. They just made it seemless. Simple. No waits, no installers, no frustrations.

All it is required to run YouTube videos is Flash. And flash is such a small installer that no-one ever really complained. The installer almost works in the background. If Zudeo could somehow incorporate its technology with an established app or plug-in, it may be huge. If you could get the same wild content that is found on YouTube but with better quality I’m sure everyone would choose the best quality.

If you want to try it yourself go to zudeo


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