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HD: Too many pieces…too many costs, continued…

So let’s recap in order to be fair. To get the basic HD television programming you really need to have 5 things accomplished. 1. HDTV 2. HD receiver 3. HD satellite (for satellite subscribers only) 4. Upgrade your receiver (more $ per month). 5. Purchase HD programming. Oh yeah, there is one more thing that may be a factor if you don’t have an HD Ready HDTV you will need an HD Receiver.

That’s just to get HD television. To get the true HD experience all around you would need 10 things accomplished. To continue: 6. HD player 7. HD Discs. 8. Audio system (surround sound). 9. A professional intstallation. 10. HD gaming console. That’s too many things! Now I’m not saying this is too many for everyone. True electronics geeks like myself, sports fans, and gaming fanatics WILL buy into HD. It has got to happen, whether they can afford it or not. I know a kid who can’t afford to fix his car but he WILL be getting a PS3.

Why do I say “too many pieces?” If you compare the way the first DVD players were distributed and born into homes across the world, you will see a difference. The difference is that part of the systems were already in place. Purchases, like TV sets were made long before the DVD player. VHS decks were also made before the DVD player. Cable or satellite equipment was already in place. The upgrade to DVD was very successful, in fact a manufacturers dream. It was easy to purchase 1 item. But we’re talking about 1 item that was initially costly but ped down significantly to a mere $50 (at it’s current value.)

The point I’m trying to make is that it is just too much at once. Consumers will need to spread out their purchases, and most are waiting for the cost to . I can’t see HD being mainstream for a long time, except for those customers who are doing NO MONEY DOWN/NO INTEREST FOR 2 YEARS. Someone please help those people – they need to have their brains checked.brbr

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