HD broadcast review: ‘Escape from Alcatraz’


Kill the lights on this one. This film is dark, dark, dark. I must have seen “Escape from Alcatraz” a hundred times over the years in standard-definition, and each time it seemed the quality got progressively…

Predator in HD looking half-n-half


TNT ran The Predator in HD the other night and I gotta tell ya I wasn’t impressed. While this is probably not TNT’s fault, nor the fault of my service provider, the movie was realistically about…

ABC11 North Carolina goes HD


ABC11 out of of North Carolina upgrades to high definition quality. The new set and studio equipment will allow viewers in North Carolina to view newscasts in high definition (HD).

Surviving in high-definition


The CBS hit show “Survivor” will be shot and broadcast in high-definition next season, that according to an announcement at the National Association of Broadcasters convention on Sunday. The upgrade finally arriving for their 17th season…

Finding HD channels

A new website has been launched that will provide you information on what HD channels are available in your zip code. WhereIsHD.com, run by Media Business Corp. out of Lakewood, Colorado, seems to have put their…