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HD Report | July 26, 2017

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Comcast To Add Netflix To X1 Set-top Boxes


comcast-xfinity-logoComcast and Netflix have’t always played nicely, but it appears the multi-service provider will join other ISPs who have embraced, rather than compete against, the streaming giant. Comcast announced they will add access to Netflix through the Xfinity TV X1 set-top boxes by the end of this year.

The news comes via Recode who reported that sources indicated the Netflix access is “present on the X1 platform” and will be much easier to sign in to.

The two parties told the publication, “We have much work to do before the service will be available to consumers later this year. We’ll provide more details at that time.”

The deal will certainly make Comcast customers with Netflix happy, and will also undoubtedly lead to some new subscribers for Comcast.

The two companies have had disputes about issues such as net neutrality, internet bandwidth, and conflicts with Comcast’s own TV everywhere initiatives.

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