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HDMI 2.0 Cable Certification ensures 4k/HDR support

This week HDMI Licensing announced the "Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program" for cable manufacturers to ensure HDMI cables are able to handle the 18 Gbps of...

iPhone 5 and Video: Apple To Release HDMI/VGA for Lightning Cable

An Apple spokesperson has confirmed that both Lightning-to-HDMI and Lightning-to-VGA cables will be available in upcoming months for the iPhone 5 in addition to the Lightning-to-30 pin adapter already available.

Mac Mini lives on, packs more power

We thought maybe the lil' guy had reached the end of its days (it's a big discussion every year) but Apple revealed today the...

New Samsung R80 notebooks in stores Mar. 7

Samsung's new line of multimedia R80 notebooks will hit Best Buy stores on Sunday, March 7. Two of the three R80 models are loaded...

WyreStorm 8×8 HDMI switcher available this month

WyreStorm will make available their new 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher this month. The professional grade switcher will allow up to eight HDMI audio/video devices...

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