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Yankees and Mariners fans – get ready for baseball in 3D

If you're a baseball fan and DirecTV subscriber you may already be smiling about this news, and plotting a way to get yourself a...

Amazon drops price of Avatar Blu-ray/DVD Combo

Amazon has dropped the price of this week's upcoming Avatar release on Blu-ray/DVD Combo disc. The 2D version of Avatar was $24.99 (Reg. $39.99)...

3D Will Melt Eyeballs While Blowing Mind, Declares Samsung

Always nice to get a warning from a major corporation before their big technological roll-out, and HD Report thanks Samsung for posting such a warning for home-theater consumers.

Cox Virginia broadcasting the Masters in 3D

Cox customers in Virginia's Hampton Roads, Roanoke and Northern Virginia areas will be able to view the Masters Tournament in 3D this week. 3D...

Cablevision MSG: First 3D broadcast in US will be hockey game

The first high-definition 3D television broadcast in the US will not come from Comcast or DirecTV but from Cablevision, who will premiere the format...

We Interrupt This 2D Oscar Show With Exciting 3D Promises!

So, did you see those Samsung 3D-HD-LED TV ads for hours on end while some show called the "Oscars" got in the way with...

CBS and Sony open 3D consumer research center in Vegas

CBS and Sony Electronics have opened "The Sony 3D Experience" in Las Vegas, a screening facility and research center for consumers and broadcasters alike....

To 3D, Or Not 3D… That Is The Question

CES 2010 went back to the future, much like the movie business these days. A gimmick from the 1950s has become the great...

CNET names Viera 3D TV ‘Best of Show’

Editors at CNET named the Panasonic VIERA 3D plasma HDTV the "Best of Show" and "Best in Television" at the Consumer Electronics Show this...

Disney confirms first digital 3D release

Disney announced A Christmas Carol will be its first digital 3D release on Blu-ray Disc, expected to hit shelves sometime in the fourth quarter....