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Costco selling 9.7″ iPad for only $299

This is about the cheapest we've ever seen the 9.7" iPad from Apple. Right now, discount retailer Costco is selling the 128GB model with...
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The 5 Best Black Friday Deals at Costco

Any Costco shopper worth his/her 10 lb. sack of salt knows that the warehouse chain is rarely a must-visit destination when it comes to...

‘Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection’ spotted at Costco for $164

I'm not exactly Bobby Bargain Shopper, but when I see a highly awaited, newly released Blu-ray boxed set out in the wild going for...

Disney Blu-rays, 3D on sale at Costco

Sure, Disney has traditionally charged a premium for their home video, but as the recent 3D Blu-ray release of The Lion King further illustrates, they sure put a lot of TLC into their product. That's what makes this current sale at Costco such a newsworthy item. Available in-store only through Dec. 18, you'll find classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, and more on sale for just $16.99.