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How One Of The World’s Most Popular Games Alienated Its Fans...

As of February 2016, Hearthstone officially passed the 40 million registered players mark. While that number doesn't give an accurate indication of how many...

Sony PS4 To Push Limits Of Social Gaming

Sony unveiled their newest game system today, but the PlayStation 4 console itself was absent from the entire presentation.

‘Diablo 3’ gets May 15 release date

After years of development time rumors about release dates, the hell of Diablo III will finally be unleashed in just two months, May 15 to be exact. Blizzard Entertainment says the digital version of the long awaited hack and slash sequel is available for pre-order right now through Battle.net for $59.99. A boxed release and a $99.99 collector's edition will also be available come mid-May.

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