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Is Xbox One X The Least Desirable Console Ever?

The Xbox One X is seemingly destined to fail, and Microsoft will have no one to blame but themselves when that happens.

Across the internet, gamers are gawking at Microsoft’s recent Gamescom 2017 presentation and trying to figure out what the company was hoping to achieve. The bulk of the presentation consisted of either footage of games we’ve seen many times before (Cuphead), repeats of E3 announcements (the impending Xbox port of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds), and a lackluster – yet painfully lengthy – presentation of the Xbox One X that was “highlighted” by the reveal of a new limited edition of the console that will be available at launch.

What’s so special about this version of the Xbox One X? It’s called the Project Scorpio Edition, features a slightly modified design (covered in garish text), and comes with a vertical stand. Oh, and that vertical stand will be sold separately for other versions of the console.

Much of Microsoft’s Gamescom 2017 presentation wasn’t a disaster, but it was quite boring. Microsoft spent almost two hours trying to convince gamers that the future of the Xbox brand is brighter than ever. That message would have been a lot more effective were it not for the fact that much of it consisted of statements we’ve heard from the company again and again for years now.

However, it’s becoming clear that the Xbox One X is almost guaranteed to be a failure of some magnitude. In fact, it might just be the least desirable console in recent memory.

From a sheer technical perspective, there is nothing wrong with the Xbox One X. It’s more powerful than its competition, it includes several 4K-related features that systems like the PlayStation 4 Pro do not, and even its $500 price point is reasonable from a price for performance perspective.

No, the Xbox One X’s real problem is that Microsoft has yet to find a way to promote it as a must-have device. The Xbox One X was first announced at E3 2016. At that time, we only knew that Microsoft was working on a powerful new 4K console that was, according to the hype video, going to change the way developers approach game creation.

In-between that hype video and the formal Xbox One X reveal at E3 2017, Sony released their own – ultimately cheaper – 4K capable console and Nintendo announced – and released – a brand new system with desirable features and games. Microsoft had fallen behind again, and their plan for turning it around involved a more expensive console that still wouldn’t be available for months and a host of indie game exclusives that didn’t come close to taking advantage of the One X’s power.

We’ve been hearing about the One X for so long that you’d be forgiven for forgetting that it’s still not out yet. You’d also be forgiven for not thinking about the Xbox One X at all.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, there are no easy answers to this problem. The Xbox One X hype train has been derailed, Microsoft’s exclusive programs – such as Game Pass and backward compatibility – are stagnant, and the company still struggles to secure exclusive games of note. Inevitably, they will write-off the Xbox One X’s low sales figures as the by-product of the console only being intended for a hardcore market, but you have to ask yourself when Microsoft ever gave anyone outside of that market a reason to care.

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  1. Garbage click bait.

    1. Fastest selling xbox brand console preorder ever-so FAIL there
    2. Cuphead and PUBG are going to sell a LOT of units, and NOBODY aside from haters thinks those titles or the XBX itself are “lackluster”. -FAIL again
    3. “they will write-off the Xbox One X’s low sales figures…” what low sales figures?! Its sold out entirely and people are begging MS for restock info!
    4. Clickbait garbage level-over 9000

    • This article smells entirely of a Sony fan-boy’s hate of anything Microsoft regardless of any good performed by MS.

      Since pre-orders opened for the Project Scorpio edition of the “seemingly failed” Xbox One X they have sold out across the board – this article is so out of touch with its readers.

  2. I bought the One X Scorpio l figure if l can’t flip it I’ll just keep it and wait til the decent games for it come out next year. I think Microsoft panicked after the Ps4 Pro came on the scene and pushed the release on the One X ahead of schedule because all the games this console was made for won’t be out until next year on the year after.

  3. How much is the ultra HD bluray player the PS4 Pro doesnt come with??

    Uhd players are £350. For another £100 you get the most powerful console available.

  4. Utter garbage report, what I can’t understand is why people come out and slag off Microsoft all the time? Anyone would think they all worked for a worried competitor? The console will be the most powerful on the market and by some way. Simply state in your review your allegiance to a competitor so that those unable to see through your bias report are at least informed.


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