Verizon Launches 5GB & 10GB Pre-paid Data Plans

verizon-logo-156-130Verizon has launched two new pre-paid data plans for mobile phones starting at $50 per month. The plans include Verizon features such as Carryover Data (for customers making on-time, regular payments), Mobile Hotspot, International Messaging, and Always-On Data (at 128 kbps).

The $50 pre-paid plan allows for 5GB data usage with all the features mentioned above and unlimited talk and text in the US. Verizon’s $70 per month doubles the data to 10GB and also adds unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.

We mentioned Verizon’s Always-On Data as part of these new plans. Always-On ensures customers will always have data turned on, but may be reduced in speed down to 128 kilobyte-per-second when their data caps are reached. At 128kbps, streaming video and audio will be affected.

Verizon already has pre-paid plans including a 3 GB data plan for $45 per month and a 6 GB data limit for $60 per month. Both include AutoPay, as well as a $30 per month Wi-Fi-only option.

Here’s a breakdown of each new pre-paid plan.

  • 5 GB for $50 — Unlimited talk and text in the U.S., Carryover Data with on-time payment, Mobile Hotspot, Always-On Data* and International Messaging to more than 200 countries
  • 10 GB for $70 — Includes the same features, plus unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada. This plan gives you double the data of the $50 plan for only $20 more per month.



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