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Apple: XcodeGhost top 25 affected iOS apps

ios-xcodeghost-top-25-appsThe Apple counterfeit Xcode software called XcodeGhost affected at least 40 apps that were available in the Apple App Store. While Apple says they have no evidence that “the malware has been used to do anything malicious” or that the software exploit “would have delivered any personally identifiable information had it been used,” it’s still a good idea to remove any of these apps and reinstall only if an update has been issued.

Of the most popular affected iOS apps was the Chinese messaging application called WeChat that is used by half a billion people worldwide. The latest update to the app for iPhone was released on September 24th to address the security issue affecting version 6.2.5, and the latest version 6.2.7 also adds 3D touch for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users.

The security flaw in iOS apps came about as app developers downloaded counterfeit versions of Xcode that were infected with malware. The malicious code was then passed on to apps that were created by the counterfeit software.

Apple says they use technologies such as Gatekeeper to prevent non-App Store and/or unsigned versions of programs such as Xcode from being installed. But as it turns out developers can disable those protections in order to successfully install software like XcodeGhost.

Apple has removed all the apps from the App Store that the company knows were created with the counterfeit software, and are also blocking new app submissions that contain the malware.

Apple provided a list of the top 25 most popular apps affected by XcodeGhost below.

DiDi Taxi
58 Classified – Job, Used Cars, Rent
Gaode Map – Driving and Public Transportation
Railroad 12306
China Unicom Customer Service (Official Version)*
CarrotFantasy 2: Daily Battle*
Miraculous Warmth
Call Me MT 2 – Multi-server version
Angry Bird 2 – Yifeng Li’s Favorite*
Baidu Music – A Music Player that has Downloads, Ringtones, Music Videos, Radio, and Karaoke
DuoDuo Ringtone
NetEase Music – An Essential for Radio and Song Download
Foreign Harbor – The Hottest Platform for Oversea Shopping*
Battle of Freedom (The MOBA mobile game)
One Piece – Embark (Officially Authorized)*
Let’s Cook – Receipes
Heroes of Order & Chaos – Multiplayer Online Game*
Dark Dawn – Under the Icing City (the first mobile game sponsored by Fan BingBing)*
I Like Being With You*
Himalaya FM (Audio Book Community)
Flush HD
Encounter – Local Chatting Tool

* This app is currently not available on the App Store

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