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“Hellboy” Game Coming This Summer, New Movie in Production

SAN FRANCISCO–Konami Digital Entertainment unveiled a line-up of next generation games in San Francisco recently. Among the playable games was the Xbox 360 “Hellboy,” which is in development at Krome Studios.
Pegged for a summer release on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 game I got some hands-on time with was amazing. It has the look and feel of the Hellboy universe. The game bridges the gap between Guillermo del Toro’s movie adapatation and the original comics by Mike Mignola. And there’s a good reason–both of these creators have worked closely with Konami to tell this original tale. Also on board for this game is actor Ron Pearlman, who will reprise his role in the second film, which del Toro is currently busy prepping to film in Los Angeles, London and Budapest.
Aside from the Hollywood and comic connections, the game looks amazing. Unlike “Superman Returns,” which just had a rushed feel to it despite the fact it was delayed for the DVD release; “Hellboy” is shaping up to be a killer app. The character translates perfectly to videogame form with his Right Hand of Doom and plenty of deadly moves. The game’s shaping up to be what looks like a Mature-rated romp that will allow fans to rip apart enemies, as well as destroy just about everything in the environment.
Also along for the ride are other playable characters from the film and comics, including Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman, as well as another as-yet-unidentified new character. The game will support cooperative play, which should serve up some serious arcade-style fun and increase the replay value of this high-definition delight.
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