Fable 3 Coming to Games For Windows, 360 Version Gets Limited Edition


When the box art for Fable III leaked online last week, gamers quickly noticed the “Only on Xbox 360 & Windows” stamp that apparently revealed the PC version of the game before its official debut. Microsoft confirmed…

Beta gears Halo: Reach to hit shelves Sept. 14


After a 2-week beta testing period during which 2.7 million gamers played 16 million hours of “Halo: Reach” (amounting to 1,826 years of game time), Microsoft today officially announced the full world-wide release date as Sept….

24 Season 8 finale airs tonight at 8


FOX’s “24″ will end tonight after eight seasons and 194 hours of episodes. The 2-hour conclusion will depict the hours from 2PM – 4PM, as President Taylor gets closer to a “world-changing” peace treaty and Jack…