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Zune HD gets new & updated apps

Zune HD owners can download nine new apps and five updates to current apps for the portable media player. Although Microsoft has discontinued the Zune HD in favor of Windows Phone 7,

Unreal Black Friday deals at Amazon already started

Here are some unreal Black Friday deals we discovered at Amazon.com that are already happening. One of the highlights includes the three Lord of...

Zune expands to Europe, beyond

Microsoft has announced they are expanding their Zune product offerings this fall to international markets including the U.K., Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The...

Microsoft Zune HD 64 dead in the water?

Microsoft released a 64GB version of their Zune HD, dropping the prices of the 16GB and 32GB models in the process. But the announcement...

Microsoft drops Zune HD price, others follow

With no real announcement Microsoft has dropped the price of its Zune HD 16GB and 32GB models by $20. The Microsoft online store, as...

Zune HD ships, gaming confirmed

A leaked promotional video for the new Zune HD shows off its confirmed features, including a glimpse of its capability to download and play...

Zune HD in stores Sept. 15

Microsoft's improved digital media player is now available for pre-order and will be in stores Sept. 15. Early reviews of the Zune HD were...

Zune HD portable media player looks promising

It looks like Microsoft has stepped it up a notch with the latest Zune portable media player. Photos were released yesterday of the new...

Zune HD a go for Fall ’09

Microsoft has confirmed the Zune HD for Fall '09 release in the U.S. The player will combine a built-in HD Radio receiver, high-definition (HD)...