What channel is The CW on?

The_CW_logoWant to know what channel The CW is on in HD? Here’s a guide to the most popular TV service providers in the US. Please note cable television channels may vary between markets. Click the provider name for a full list of channels.

AT&T U-verse HD
The CW HD Channel 1005 KTLA HD

Charter Spectrum HD
The CW HD Channel 705 KTLA HD

The CW HD Channel 803

Cox Communication HD
The CW HD Channel 1006

DirecTV HD

DISH Network HD
The CW HD Channel 5

Time Warner / Spectrum HD
Channel NA

Verizon FiOS HD
The CW HD Channel 511

Did a channel location change with your TV service provider? Please let us know in the comments below or direct message us on Twitter.


  1. Called Cincinnati Bell one week ago today about the CW channel and also Star 64, both are playing a network called TBD. According to the rep it’s a problem with the program guide (I think he said Sinclair program guide) but have no date for when it will be fixed. I know this has been going on at least since October 23 since I have a series set to record and what’s on the DVR is not from the CW network; at 8 PM The CW does start playing most nights but not October 23. I can’t have a credit until it’s resolved.
    Oh, don’t bother calling Cincinnati Bell about their crummy closed captioning service either. My complaint was upgraded to a level 2 technician who was supposed to call me within 1-2 hours — it’s a week later and they’ve never bothered to call for more info.

  2. What happened to the CW channel here in Cincinnati, Ohio? I used to watch it on Cincinnati Bell Fioptic Cable provider but its been out for about a week now & Cincinnati Bell has no idea what happened to it? Anybody know what’s going on?

  3. How does CW win when it strips the channel from Direct TV? I would think some money is better than none and since it is not a highly popular channel not many Direct TV customers realize it was gone.
    Personally, I found out TWO YEARS after it disappeared from Direct TV.


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