What channel is NBC HD on?

Want to know what channel NBC is on in HD? Here’s a guide to the most popular TV service providers in the US. Please note cable television channels may vary between markets. Click the provider name for a full list of channels.

AT&T U-verse HD
NBC HD Channel 1004

Charter Spectrum HD
NBC HD Channel 4

NBC HD Channel 804

Cox Communication HD
NBC HD Channel 1012

DirecTV HD
NBC HD Channel 12

DISH Network HD
NBC HD Channel 4

Time Warner / Spectrum HD
NBC HD Channel 706

Verizon FiOS HD
NBC HD Channel 504

Did a channel location change with your TV service provider? Please let us know in the comments below or direct message us on Twitter.


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    joy Reid had it been a white woman said that about a black child y’all would’ve got rid of her before she even got the comments out of her mouth

  2. Go ahead take it off , I switched to OAN ,
    There so called news sucks.
    And if u do reduce my monthly charge , u rasied it when u put two Mexican channels on which I don’t watch.

  3. I made it a habit to watch NBC the today show every morning. Guess what im done! You can keep your Savannah! She is an ugly person. She thinks of herself as a somebody but after watching her with the President of the United states i simply refuse to watch this program any longer. It is not only me. I gave up SNL a couple of years ago. Good luck to NBC !!!!!!!

    • I love nbc and if the president acted like a president he would have been treated like one. He has constantly degraded EVERYONE who disagreed with him and by his lack of leadership has caused the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. He and Mitch McConnell have crammed through an in qualified Supreme Court justice days before an election that will change America for decades because of her extreme religious beliefs. VOTE SO EVERYONE CAN BE HEARD END VOTER SUPPRESSION.

    • I have a regular outside antenna, and i aways had ,nbc 12,now i cant get it, at all,for about a year now. Is the re e a way i can get it back? I always watched the voice ,all them shows like that ,and everyday i watched Days Of Our Lives. Its a bummer


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