What channel is ESPN HD on?

espn logoWant to know what channels ESPN and ESPN2 are on in High Definition (HD)? Here’s a guide to the most popular cable and satellite TV service providers in the US. Streaming services are listed below. Please note cable television channels may vary between markets, while satellite and streaming channels tend to stay the same. You can also click the provider name for a full list of HD channels.

Cable/Satellite TV

AT&T U-verse HD (now Frontier)
ESPN HD Channel 1602
ESPN2 HD Channel 1606

Century Link Prism
ABC HD Channel 1602

Charter Spectrum HD
ESPN HD Channel 735
ESPN2 HD Channel 736

ESPN HD Channel 850
ESPN2 HD Channel 850

Cox Communication HD
ESPN HD Channel 1032
ESPN2 HD Channel 1033

DirecTV HD
ESPN HD Channel 206
ESPN2 HD Channel 209

DISH Network HD
ESPN HD Channel 140
ESPN2 HD Channel 144

Frontier HD 
ABC HD Channel 1537

ABC HD Channel 736

ESPN HD Channel 8,

ESPN HD Channel 223

Time Warner Cable / Spectrum HD
ESPN HD Channel 8/300/753
ESPN2 HD Channel 36/301/754

Verizon FiOS HD
ESPN HD Channel 570
ESPN2 HD Channel 574


If you have a streaming TV plan ESPN is available on DIRECTV Stream, Hulu Live, FuboTV Sling TV, and YouTube TV. Once authenticated, the game can also be watched on the ESPN app for mobile devices (phones and tablets).

Did a channel location change with your TV service provider? Please let us know in the comments below or direct message us on X.


  1. Who’s idea was it to transmit the Rose Bowl game with that fn split screen!!
    Two things going on the screen at the same time. How annoying!!!

  2. I just signed up for a sports test package and I cannot find what channels they are they should already be in effect can you help me and tell me where my ESPN college towels are now


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