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Here’s a list of popular channels available for Amazon’s Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Stick media players. The list includes movie, TV, streaming video, and music apps that are available to download free-of-charge. Please note, some apps require a subscription fee or authentication through a TV service provider to view content. Scroll down below for utilities and local television stations. To find a local TV station search within the Fire TV app for the station’s call letters. For example: “KABC-TV”. This list does not include gaming apps.

Fire TV App Channels

247 Comedy
247 Drama
247 Horror Movies
ABC News
ACC Digital Network
Acorn TV
Adult Swim
Afro Sports
All Fitness TV
Amazon Music
Amazon Prime Video
Animal Planet Go
Anime Strike
Aqua TV
Archos Video
AT&T WatchTV
BBC America
Beachbody on Demand
Bible Videos
Black World Cinema
Bleecher Report Live
Bravo Now
Brown Sugar
Campus Insiders
Candy Crush Saga
Car Show Television
Cartoon Network
CBS All Access
CBS Full Episodes & Live TV
CBS News
CBS Sports
Channel PEAR
Classic TV
Comedy Central
Conspiracy Channel Plus
Cooking Channel
CW Seed
Daily Burn
Daily Motion
Daily Workouts
Defense TV
Destination America Go
Discovery Go
Discovery Life Go
DISH Anywhere
Disney Junior
Disney XD
DIY Network
DKB Handball Bundesliga
DOGTV Online
Drama Fever
Driving Sport TV
E! Now
Encore Play
Epic TV
Eros Now
Fan TV
Film Festival Favorites
Film Movement
Flixon TV
Food Network
Fox Business
FOX News
FOX Soccer Match Pass
Fox Sports Go
Free TV
Freeform (formerly WATCH ABC Family)
Funny Or Die
Gaia for Fire TV
GameFly Streaming
Genius Kitchen
GoPro Channel
Great Movie Classics
GrindHouse Channel
GT Channel
Hallmark Channel Everywhere
Hallmark Movies Now
Halloween Flix
Hard Knocks Fighting
Hasbro Studios
Hauppauge myTV
Haystack TV
HD Video for YouTube
High School Cube
Hollywood Ticker
HuffPost Live
Hulu: Live and On Demand
iHeart Radio
Investigation Discovery GO
Jagged Movies & TV
Jeopardy PlayShow
Kids for YouTube
Kino Lorber
Local Now
March Madness Live
Maury Show
MBC On Demand
MLB at Bat
Mobile Tube for YouTube
Movies Anywhere
Movies Plus
Nat Geo TV
NBA for Fire TV
NBC News
NBC Sports
NBC Sports Gold
NDTV News – India
NetTV Plus
NFL Fantasy Football
NFL Sunday Ticket
NOW TV Streaming
NPR One for Fire TV
Om Nom Toons
On Classic Movies
PBS Kids
PBS Video
PGA Tour
PlayStation Vue
Pluto TV
Popular Science
Qello Concerts
Rakuten Viki
Red Bull TV
Redux TV
Science Channel GO
Showtime Anytime
Simply Yoga
Skuff TV
Sky News
Sling TV
Slingplayer for Fire TV
Smart Movies
Smithsonian Channel
Smithsonian Earth
Snag Films
Sony Crackle
Sundance Now
Sundance TV
Talkie TV
Telemundo Deportes
Telemundo Now
Tennis Channel
The CW
The Film Detective
The Zeus Network
Travel Channel
Tubi TV
U-Verse for Fire TV
USA Network
Valorous TV
Velocity Go
VLC for Fire
WATCH Cooking Channel
WATCH Disney Channel
WATCH Disney Junior
Watch Food Network
Watch HGTV
Watch OWN
Watch TBS
Watch TCM
Watch TNT
Watch Travel Channel
Watchit for Reddit
WE tv
Western Mania
What to Watch on Fire TV
Wicked Horror TV
WiFi Live TV
WSJ Live
WWE Network
Xplore TV

Last updated Nov. 18, 2018. Are we missing any channels? Please let us know via Twitter or in the comments below.

97 Replies to “Amazon Fire TV Channels”

  1. genevieve Petrillo says:

    I can’t get the following: CBS full episodes STARZ I have been in ouch with STARZ they say I should be able to download the app but Starz does not recognize my account or xfinity. I have xfinity stream app I pay for all the prime channels and have not been able to watch a lot of my favorite shows. Please can you help me???

  2. Austin Dsouza says:

    Why is Color Infinity channel not available ?

  3. Karen says:

    Which first stick/cube product has all the Hallmark channels?

  4. Brandy LeMieux says:

    is there paramount channel on the amazon fire stick?

  5. Macykaelyn says:

    Do you want to stream anime free of cost or are you a fan of the country music star Taylor Swift? Then, listen to Taylor’s music or stream the anime of your choice on the Pluto TV channel on Roku for free by activating the channel using the Roku channel activation code.

  6. Kev says:

    Can i use my Spectrum DVR with the Amazon Fire stick?

  7. Jason Bruce says:

    Please add HockeyTV.

  8. James F Horak says:

    No ESPN, Big Ten Network, Golf Channel, Fox Sport 1, etc.

  9. Helen Judah says:

    The best thing to get is the Amazon fire stick & jailbreak it, this way you can watch anything & I mean anything. When you jailbreak ur stick make sure you download the iPvanish app. This way the satellite won’t b anle to knock out anything ur watching. The ipvanish is $7.98 a month, they have great customer service
    I gave been using my firestick 4 3yrs
    I watch all the latest movies that’s playing in theaters right now or I may have 2 wait a couple of weeks to get the movie. I’ll b buying the latest version of the firestick to keep my movies from buffering too much
    So I just cut back on my verizon package to the basics instead of me paying $145.00 a month I’m now only paying $65.00 NC I still need internet. I used to pay a friend of mine in CA. $125.00 to jailbreak my stick until I googled I t.v & to my SURPRISE there were a few sites GIVING YOU instructions how to do this myself.

    1. Janet says:

      Is fox and friends included? Other Fox
      cable programs such as Hannity and
      Tucker Carlson?

      1. Diane Stanley says:

        unfortunately, yes.

        1. Marion Turiano says:

          Not unfortunately. How condescending, narrow minded and elitist

          1. James Spencer says:

            U wish u were elite. But u r not. That is your failure. As a human and American. Failure.

        2. Stephen says:

          Why is it unfortunate? Is it because they tell the truth about what u don’t like hearing? What is ur position about Donald Trump? Are u for or against?

        3. Jeff Bailey says:

          always are narrow-minded lib in every group. Grow up.

        4. Fire Guy says:


    2. Lynette says:

      Hi what app are you using to watch your movies that are in the Theaters still?

    3. Rebecca says:

      Which sites? And what do u mean “unlocked” can u be more specific?

  10. April says:

    I was thinking about getting a firestick. I already have a Roku. I was looking for some more free channels than what the Roku offers. What FREE channels are available on the firestick. I’m not talking free to download and NOT have to have a provider to watch. Could you help me with this please??

  11. Dee lewis says:

    you are missing Paramont formerly know as spike

  12. Michael Fenneman says:

    Would I get ATSN for the Colorado State football games?

  13. Jacquelyn Thompson says:

    This is not an Amazon site, this is HD Reoprt. You must go to Amazon so they can answer your questions.

  14. Dr. M says:

    Please offer THE WORD NETWORK

  15. Randy says:

    do you offer bein sport channel? if not can i still get? how much? also NFL Ticket is free? i get all the games? Thank you, wanna cut cord bad.

  16. Purushottam says:

    Indian channels like color tv, news channel like aaj tak, starplus is not here

    1. Nao says:

      Sling has an add-on under international packages for all Hindi channel.

  17. maurice hollins says:

    Can i watch nfl network and nba tv on the fire stick?

  18. Rose Stake says:

    I have seen no one from Amazon answering many of these questions. Has anyone reported this. I will if I can find a way. I’m in technology and thought about switching. Not sure I should do so with such poor customer response. Time for this one to hit social media and find out why they are not answering everyone. Very unprofessional, indeed!

    1. Me says:

      This is not an Amazon site. This is HD-Report.
      You must go to the Amazon site to have your questions answered by Amazon

    2. Kelly S Sawicki says:

      This is not Amazon… Its HD Report!

  19. Susan Davis says:

    This must be fake news. Please don’t get Amazon Fire or the fire stick thinking you’ll get these channels free. All you can get are the apps then you have to pay for different packages from service providers like Hulu and Showtime, for example. Most packages cost $25.00 a month or more, plus you have to pay for Internet. I wish I was wrong!

    1. Rodney Sylvester says:


      You’re SPOT ON!!!! This is a bunch of BS if they’re saying the listed channels are free.

    2. V. says:

      This isn’t fake news. I have Firestick. I get over 150 channels for free. If I want ABC, CBS or Fox I would have to pay a monthly fee for that. I watch current TV shows on NBC, except I need to wait one week for that to be broadcast. If I want local channels, I need an HD antenna. I get many movie channels including HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. There are many overseas stations to watch, also. If you have younger kids, there is Cartoon Network, several Disney channels and Nickelodeon.

  20. james parent says:

    can I get fox news, OAN, and other cable channels free? or do I pay? Is it the download is free but the subscription is paid for?

  21. MItzi says:

    So what is FREE?

  22. Renee says:

    Will you please stop ignoring and answer all of these people’s questions? I want to know too why you say they are free but when using the firestick app, clearly they are not free and alot of the time “not available in my area”, despite the fact that i am using a vpn. Do i have to change my amazon shipping address to an American one in order to get American channels?

  23. Ralph Mulvihill says:

    All of a sudden I am not able to watch FOX NEWS what’s .

  24. Dennis says:

    These apps are NOT FREE!!! Only free part is putting the icon on your fire tv!!

  25. Henrietta says:

    They’re not free each channel costs money like Gaia is $10 a month. CRTV $10 a month and so on

  26. Bill says:

    Please add Joseph Prince Ministries, TBN and The Word Network.

  27. Penny Howington says:

    Please get UP channel

  28. Donnie says:

    Are the following channels available: MLB-(Is this the same as MLB Live), Starz-Westerns?
    How is the device connected?
    Will I need to continue Internet will another provider?

  29. Edwina says:

    QVC, JTV,HSN,Evine….none of the home shopping channels are available. Can you add these channels, please?

  30. Lucia Hasbun says:

    Do you offer international tv?

  31. John says:

    Open PLUTO, it’s on there live.

  32. Jim Nichols says:

    What about the golf channel?

    1. Angie says:

      Golf channel is on through Sling TV app…at least it is where I live…

  33. Cynthia Bell Stevens9 says:

    Are these channels on the firestick as well as the Fire Tv?

    1. George says:

      yeah. Fire TV, Fire TV Stick — same thing.

      1. Me says:

        FireTV gives 2 GB rather than the 1 GB that Fire Stick offers

  34. Elle says:

    These are the only channels out of 1000. Would switch if confirmed these are available. Does ATT UVerse mean all channels that are on ATT UVerse??

  35. Ben says:

    Does all the channels listed above comes with the fire tv for free or do you still have to have a provider to have all those channels or pay extra?

    1. Peter Rush says:

      I am thinking of purchasing a fire stick but af ter reviewing these comments there is no info on the average cost of the channels provided..

  36. Jack Starr says:

    I was wondering if you get The Golf Channel, ESPNU, and SEC Network?

  37. Bettina says:

    How about beIN sports channel?

  38. Jennie says:

    So if I get the Amazon stick, to get “channels” on there do I have to install the app? Such as Starz, do I install the app? And if so, do I get all the episodes or what? Do I need cable for the Fire tv to work? And would I need Amazon prime or is that only for their own shows and movies?

  39. Juanita Yorks says:

    Looking for Qvc, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Cozi TV. I so want to cut the cord!

  40. Professor Manisha Mussewim says:

    I will switch if I could get all of the Christian channels like Daystar, Hillsong, TBN and Word.

    1. Satan says:

      I am watching you. Know your place. I am waiting for you.

      1. Jeff says:

        So you stupid puppet , you think that’s funny. I’m sure posting that authorities are probably watching you

      2. Helen says:

        You can’t touch me!! I’ve got God on my side and he always wins. You are a loser that always lies!

    2. Jeff says:

      Thank God Christian’s are above that. Sure hope they add Christian channels. Looks like its needed

  41. Ande says:

    I need ID investigation is that available on the fire stick hd? Very important

    1. is ID investigation on the fire stick

  42. Laura says:

    Why can’t I find an actual list of completely FREE apps with completely FREE content??? Why is it so difficult??

  43. Even tho I registered with my tv provider I can’t get the shows on the history channel it says I don’t have authorization. What’s the deal.

  44. Gerald says:

    Will the fire stick allow me to view programs broadcasted on ESPN?

    1. HD Report says:

      Yes Gerald you can watch live and recorded programs on the WatchESPN app. You may need to authenticate your app with a service provider though.

  45. judy skrine says:

    if you guys want the channels your looking for you want the roku and not the firetv but if you want all other stuff amazon firetv is the way to go.

  46. Vicki Jackson says:

    Can we get MeTV?

  47. Tjseka says:

    Can the Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra HD work with my HDTV?

    1. HD Report says:

      Yes @Tjseka absolutely. It just won’t play in 4k!

  48. Lois Mathews says:

    I don’t see MSNBC. Why is it not listed or did I not see?

    1. Jeff Chabot says:

      It’s called NBC News on the app channels for some reason.

  49. Lois Mathews says:

    I’d purchase this if MSNBC were available. Did I not see it?

    1. Pamelily says:

      Me too Lois. What a disappointment, there are so many other positive things about FireTv.

    2. Kev says:

      Dont watch MSNBC poor biased reporting

  50. Kait says:

    looking to change to this. My husband insists on having a lot of sports channels. Which ones exactly are available?

  51. lou says:

    i didn’t see the sifi channel on any listed tv channels…… is there one i missed.

  52. Nossie says:

    I would like to see QVC,HSN,TBS and Foodnet Work. I want to cancel cable but so of the shows I look at are not on the fire stick.

  53. jay loop says:

    No Travel Channel?

  54. Jim says:

    I don’t see TLC, Nat. Geographic, and some other popular channels. Do I get those are do I have to have hulu are some other subscription. Thanks for input…

    1. Cindy says:

      I recently cut the cord. I bought a fire stick and signed up for Netflix and hulu. I want the Diy channel but I have antenna TV and Internet, Comcast said unless I sign up again with them for basic TV I wont be able to get DIY. My question is this why have all these add ons and try to save money and still cant get what you want? I looked at Sling and am not going that direction, another add on.. By the time you add this and that I am paying again for things I don’t watch.

  55. Pamela M. Reed says:

    I currently have a SMART TV and subscribe to Amazon Prime so I get Amazon, Netflix etc….on that Smart TV. How do I turn my TV in the living room into a SMART TV to be able to access those channels? Do I need to buy an Amazon Firestick or Roku?

  56. ADITYA BANSAL says:

    you dont have entertainment chNannel like sab tv sony star plus colors etc

  57. Donald Hopple says:

    Do you offer American Heroes Channel and TVG( horse racing)) channel ?

  58. Nick says:

    Does firestick have channel pop tv

  59. Vincent says:

    is all the channel or most of the channel FREE? If you just purchase the amazon fire tv?

  60. Rosa Ar says:


  61. Sharon Deselle says:

    How do you hook ìt up and I have to have internet

  62. jack says:

    do you get spanish channels
    like telemundo etc…

  63. John Coles says:

    Can you put bbciplayer ITV hub etc on the fire stick.?

  64. Patricia A Griffin says:

    I just go a Amazon Fire TV Stick and I was seeing what channels I can get. My question is this what do I do once I install the stick to my TV. I know I have to have internet to install. But what do I do next.

    1. Jamie says:

      Hi you just need to put it on either tv channel 2 or 3. You need to change in your setting to use some thing else like. Not tv,not cable i think it’s like HD or some thing once you hook it up and start messing around with your tv remote you will find it have fun

  65. Felicia says:

    I did not see the YES channel or the Travel Channel on the list. Can you get those with fire TV as well?

    1. Rabecca Caroline says:

      Hi Felicia, You can get whatever channel you need in Roku. The channel you are searching for will be in channel store or in the private channel list or you have to subscribe and get those channels. And if you find it difficult for activating, You can reach out to

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