jeff_100pxJeff Chabot – Editor-in-Chief
Jeff Chabot grew up in the North East and is no stranger to clam cakes, moose, and coffee milk. He listens to anything from Motorhead to Amad Jamal and has a special place in his heart for Neil Diamond. (Speaking of which, have you ever seen Super Diamond?) Jeff has a background in photography and video, as well as working in broadcast television as a studio engineer and editor. He frequently writes about art, technology, and social media.

matthew photo 100pxMatthew Byrd – Contributor
Matthew Byrd is a freelance writer who covers the gaming industry including indies, consoles, PCs, iOS and Android apps, as well as topics related to entertainment and technology. You can also find Matthew writing for Gameverse and DenOfGeek.

danny-forster-100pxDanny Forster – Contributor
Danny is a gamer and writer in the Orlando area. An Anime and Star Wars fan for life, he’s driven by a well-told story and food. As a former classically trained musician, Danny enjoys anything from mainstream to the slightly bizarre. Top favorites of all time include Star Wars, Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Clerks, AoT, Reservoir Dogs, Steins;Gate, GoT, Watchmen, and Spaceballs. “May the Schwartz be with You.” Connect with Danny on Twitter and Instagram @Dannyspacecoast.

Chris Gullo – Contributor
Chris Gullo is currently based in Boston, MA, and puts up with the harsh winters and rain for reasons he has yet to fully understand. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he’s been interested in gaming ever since he got a Sega Genesis one wonderful Christmas long, long ago. His other interests include coffee, dogs, and quoting Bill Murray.

christian_photoChristian Hokenson – Contributor
Christian Hokenson is currently based in the Burbank area. Born in Calcutta, India, he is the son of a British civil servant who was captured by the Kult of Kali and her Thuggee agents of doom. His mother, an ex-flower child and inventor of the gasoline pill, had a hand in developing the cosmic treadmill enabling time travel. When she disappeared at the hands of nefarious men in black, Christian went west and started his career as a writer of nutritional fact and value labels for the synthetic meat industry.

Sam Jordan – Contributor
Sam Jordan is a writer, editor, comedian, and sassmaster. When he’s not reorganizing his extensive Blu-ray collection, getting schooled by precocious teens on Xbox Live, or wondering why why the hell people buy those oversized turkey legs at Disney World, you can find him putting his pride on the line at

matthew_photoMatthew Rudd – Contributor
Matt grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For his tenth birthday, he received a Super Nintendo Entertainment System which helped to spark a desire in him to always chase after the newest and best technology that the world of gaming had to offer. Through the years Matt has studied illustration, graphic design, programming and journalism all to feed that desire and stay current with the ever-evolving media and technology markets. With gaming as his main focus, Matt has watched the community shift from 2-D to 3-D and now into HD and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

MacKenzie Walsh PhotoMackenzie Walsh  – Contributor
Mackenzie Walsh is a recent college grad with a passion for writing and all things nerdy. She lives in New Jersey with her very small dog and a large amount of books. She wouldn’t mind you nerding out with her on twitter @petrichorandros

Guest Contributors

Mike Allen
Max Harrison
Sharon Enck
August Freirich
Jason Lee
Dave McCarty
Jeffrey Nukom
Bryan Sharp
Jeb Stuart
Aaron Treguboff

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