HD Channels

Here’s a list of high-definition (HD) channels from television providers in the US, as well as a complete list of HD channels available in the US including local broadcast, cable, and premium networks. You can sort the list by Channel Name, HD Format, Programming, or Type by clicking on the header. For a list of broadcast high-definition channels available over-the-air, view our list of local HD channels.

AT&T U-verse HD Channels
Charter HD Channels
Comcast XFINITY TV HD Channels
Cox Communication HD Channels
DirecTV HD Channels
DISH Network HD Channels
Time Warner Cable HD Channels
Verizon FiOS HD Channels

Here is a list of current HD channels available in the US:

Channel Name Format Programming Type
4SDHD 1080i Sports – Regional Cable
A&EHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
ABCHD 720p Broadcast Broadcast
ABC FamilyHD 720p Family & Kids Cable
Al Jazeera AmericaHD 720p News & Information Cable
AltitudeHD 1080i Sports Cable
AMCHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
American Heroes ChannelHD 1080i Documentary & Educational Cable
Animal PlanetHD 1080i Documentary & Educational Cable
Audience NetworkHD 720p Entertainment Satellite
AWEHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
AXS TV 1080i Entertainment Cable
Azteca AmericaHD 1080i Broadcast – Spanish Broadcast
BabyFirstTVHD 720p Family & Kids Cable
BabyTVHD 1080i Family & Kids Cable
BBC AmericaHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
BBC World NewsHD 1080i News & Information Cable
BeIN SportHD 720p Sports Cable
BeIN Sport en EspañolHD 720p Sports Cable
BETHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Big Ten NetworkHD 720p Sports – College Cable
Bloomberg TVHD 1080i Business Cable
BravoHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Bright House Sports NetworkHD 1080i Sports – Regional Cable
C-SPANHD (C-SPAN2, C-SPAN3) 1080i News & Information Cable
Cartoon Network/Adult SwimHD 1080i Family & Kids Cable
CBeebiesHD 1080i Family & Kids Cable
CBSHD 1080i Broadcast Broadcast
CBS Sports NetworkHD 1080i Sports Cable
CinemaxHD (MoreMax, ActionMax, ThillerMax, 5starMax, MovieMax, OuterMax, MaxLatino) 1080i Movies & Entertainment Premium
CMTHD 1080i Music & Entertainment Cable
CNBCHD 1080i Business Cable
CNNHD 1080i News & Information Cable
CNN InternationalHD 1080i News & Information Cable
Comcast SportsNetHD (All Networks) 1080i Sports – Regional Cable
Comedy CentralHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Cooking ChannelHD 1080i Lifestyle & Home Cable
Crime & Investigation NetworkHD 720p Documentary & Educational Cable
The CWHD 1080i Broadcast Broadcast
Destination AmericaHD 1080i Lifestyle & Home Cable
Discovery ChannelHD 1080i Documentary & Educational Cable
Discovery FamilyHD 1080i Family & Kids Cable
Discovery LifeHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Disney ChannelHD 720p Family & Kids Cable
Disney JuniorHD 720p Family & Kids Cable
Disney XDHD 720p Family & Kids Cable
DIYHD 1080i Lifestyle & Home Cable
E!HD 1080i Entertainment Cable
El ReyHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
EncoreHD (Encore Action, Encore Black, Encore Classic, Encore Suspense) 1080i Movies & Entertainment Premium
EpixHD (Epix 2, Epix 3) 1080i Movies Premium
ESPNHD 720p Sports Cable
ESPN2HD 720p Sports Cable
ESPNewsHD 720p Sports Cable
ESPNUHD 720p Sports – College Cable
ESPN DeportesHD 720p Sports – Spanish Cable
Esquire NetworkHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
EWTNHD 1080i Religious Cable
Food NetworkHD 1080i Lifestyle & Home Cable
FoxHD 720p Broadcast Broadcast
Fox Business NetworkHD 720p Business Cable
Fox College SportsHD 720p Sports – College Cable
Fox DeportesHD 720p Sports – Spanish Cable
Fox News ChannelHD 720p News & Information Cable
Fox Soccer PlusHD 720p Sports Cable
Fox Sports 1HD 720p Sports Cable
Fox Sports 2HD 720p Sports Cable
Fox Sports NetworksHD (All Networks) 720p Sports – Regional Cable
fuseHD 1080i Music & Entertainment Cable
FusionHD 1080i News & Information Cable
FXHD 720p Entertainment Cable
FX Movie ChannelHD 720p Movies Cable
FXXHD 720p Entertainment Cable
Fyi,HD 720p Documentary & Educational Cable
Gol TVHD 1080i Sports Cable
Golf ChannelHD 1080i Sports Cable
Great American CountryHD 1080i Music & Entertainment Cable
GSNHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
H2HD 720p Documentary & Educational Cable
Hallmark ChannelHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Hallmark Movie ChannelHD 1080i Movies Cable
HBOHD (HBO2, HBO Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Latino, HBO Signature, HBO Zone) 1080i Movies & Entertainment Premium
HDNet Movies 1080i Movies Cable
HGTVHD 1080i Lifestyle & Home Cable
HistoryHD 1080i Documentary & Educational Cable
HLNHD 1080i News & Information Cable
HSNHD 1080i Shopping Cable
IFCHD 1080i Movies & Entertainment Cable
INSPHD 1080i Religious Cable
Investigation DiscoveryHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
IonHD 720p Broadcast Broadcast
Jewelry TelevisionHD 1080i Shopping Cable
LifetimeHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
LMNHD 1080i Movies Cable
LogoHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
MASNHD (MASN2) 1080i Sports – Regional Cable
MavTVHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Mega TVHD 1080i Broadcast – Spanish Cable
MGM HD 1080i Movies Premium
Midco SNHD 1080i Sports – Regional Cable
MLB NetworkHD 720p Sports Cable
MLB StrikeZoneHD 720p Sports Cable
The Movie ChannelHD (The Movie Channel Xtra) 1080i Movies & Entertainment Premium
MoviePlexHD (IndiePlex, RetroPlex) 1080i Movies Premium
MSGHD (MSG Plus) 1080i Sports – Regional Cable
MSNBCHD 1080i News & Information Cable
MTVHD 1080i Music & Entertainment Cable
MTV2HD 1080i Music & Entertainment Cable
Music ChoiceHD  ??? Music & Entertainment Cable
MyNetworkTVHD 720p Broadcast Broadcast
Nat GeoHD 720p Documentary & Educational Cable
Nat Geo WildHD 720p Documentary & Educational Cable
NBA TVHD 1080i Sports Cable
NBCHD 1080i Broadcast Broadcast
NBCSNHD 1080i Sports Cable
NESNHD 1080i Sports – Regional Cable
NFL NetworkHD 1080i Sports Cable
NFL RedZoneHD 1080i Sports Cable
NHL NetworkHD 1080i Sports Cable
Nickelodeon/Nick at NiteHD 1080i Family & Kids Cable
NicktoonsHD 1080i Family & Kids Cable
Nick Jr.HD 1080i Family & Kids Cable
Outdoor ChannelHD 1080i Sports Cable
OvationHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
OWNHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
OxygenHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Pac-12 NetworkHD 1080i Sports – College Cable
Pac-12 Regional NetworksHD (All Networks) 1080i Sports – College Cable
Palladia 1080i Music & Entertainment Cable
PBSHD 1080i Broadcast Broadcast
PivotHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Playboy TVHD 1080i Adult Cable
PopHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
QVCHD 1080i Shopping Cable
ReelzHD 720p Entertainment Cable
RFD-TVHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Root SportsHD (All Networks) 720p Sports – Regional Cable
ScienceHD 1080i Documentary & Educational Cable
SEC NetworkHD 720p Sports – College Cable
ShopHQHD 1080i Shopping Cable
Shorts 1080i Movies Cable
ShowtimeHD (Showtime 2, Showcase, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Beyond, Showtime Next, Showtime Women) 1080i Movies & Entertainment Premium
Smithsonian ChannelHD 1080i Documentary & Educational Cable
SNYHD 1080i Sports – Regional Cable
Sony Movie Channel 1080i Movies Cable
SpikeHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Sportsman ChannelHD 1080i Sports Cable
SproutHD 1080i Kids & Family Cable
StarzHD (Starz Comedy, Starz Edge, Starz Kids and Family, Starz InBlack, Starz Cinema) 1080i Movies & Entertainment Premium
SundanceTVHD 1080i Movies & Entertainment Cable
SyfyHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
TBNHD 1080i Religious Cable
TBSHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
TCMHD 1080i Movies Cable
TelemundoHD 1080i Broadcast – Spanish Broadcast
Tennis ChannelHD 1080i Sports Cable
Time Warner Cable DeportesHD 1080i Sports Cable
Time Warner Cable SportsNetHD 1080i Sports Cable
TLCHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
TNTHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Travel ChannelHD 1080i Lifestyle & Home Cable
TruTVHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
TV LandHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
TV OneHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
UniMásHD 1080i Broadcast – Spanish Broadcast
Universal HD 1080i Movies Cable
Universal SportsHD 1080i Sports Cable
UnivisionHD 1080i Broadcast – Spanish Broadcast
UPHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
USA NetworkHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
Velocity 1080i Entertainment Cable
VH1HD 1080i Music & Entertainment Cable
We TVHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
The Weather ChannelHD 1080i News & Information Cable
Weather Nation TVHD 1080i News & Information Cable
WGN AmericaHD 1080i Entertainment Cable
World Fishing NetworkHD 1080i Sports Cable
YESHD 1080i Sports – Regional Cable

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