Image: Streaming TV channels on Hulu

There are many ways to stream TV, including PCs, streaming media players, mobile tablets and smartphones, gaming consoles, Smart TVs, Smart Blu-ray players, and other devices. As such, there are many services that provide streaming TV. Here’s a list of the most popular services.

(plans start at $8.99 per mo.)

Hulu, Hulu Plus
(plans start at $7.99 per mo.)

Amazon Prime Instant Video
(bundled with Prime Shipping $99 per yr.)

DirecTV Now
(plans start at $35 per mo.)

PlayStation Vue
(plans start at $64.99 per mo.)

CBS All Access
($5.99 per mo.)

(free or à la carte)

Sling TV
(basic plan $19.99 per mo.)

Apple TV
(free or subscriptions to premium channels)

(free ad-based)

($14.99 per mo.)

($10.99 per mo.)

How do you stream TV?

In order to stream television you must have a consistent internet connection with enough bandwidth for the video format requested. Most services will auto-adjust video resolution to what is available. For bandwidth requirements, refer to this bandwidth recommendations.

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