Streaming TV Services

Image: Streaming TV channels on Hulu

There are many ways to stream TV these days including on PCs, media players, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and other devices. As such, there are many services that provide streaming TV. It should be noted that not all streaming services provide Live TV streaming. The streaming services that do provide Live TV (indicated by “LIVE” below) generally cost more because the intent of the provider is to replace traditional cable and satellite TV services. Here’s a list of the most popular services.

Streaming Services w/Live TV

  • Hulu+ Live TV LIVE
    (plans start at $54.99 per mo.)
  • Peacock LIVE
    (plans start at $0 per mo.)
  • AT&T TV Now LIVE
    (plans start at $59.99 per mo.)
  • CBS All Access (CBS) LIVE
    (plans start $5.99 per mo.)
  • YouTube TV LIVE
    (plans start at $64.99 per mo.)
  • Sling TV LIVE
    (basic plan $19.99 per mo.)
  • fuboTV LIVE
    (starts at $64.99 per mo.)
  • Philo LIVE
    ($20 per mo. plus optional add-ons)
  • PlutoTV LIVE
    (free ad-supported)

Streaming Services (Not Live)

  • Netflix
    (plans start at $8.99 per mo.)
  • Amazon Prime Video
    (bundled with Prime Shipping $119 per yr.)
  • Disney+
    ($6.99 per mo. or bundled with ESPN+ & Hulu $12.99 per mo.)
  • HBO Max
    ($14.99 per mo.)
  • Apple TV+
    ($4.99 per month with access to add-on premium channels)
  • Hulu (not Live)
    (plans start at $5.99 per mo.)
  • Showtime
    ($10.99 per mo.)
  • Tubi
    (free ad-supported)
  • Crackle
    (free ad-supported)

How Do You Stream TV?

In order to stream television and on-demand content from the services listed above you must have a consistent internet connection with enough bandwidth for the video format requested. Most services will auto-adjust video resolution to what is available. For suggested bandwidth requirements, refer to these bandwidth recommendations.


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