List of HDMI-CEC Commands

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Here’s a list of common HDMI-CEC commands you may find useful when programming your remote control. View the following page to identify HDMI-CEC by TV brand.

  • One Touch Play – devices can switch the TV to use it as the active source when playback starts
  • System Standby – lets users to switch multiple devices to standby mode with the press of one button (except LG TV’s)
  • Preset Transfer – allows the transfer of the tuner channel setup to another TV set
  • One Touch Record – users can record what is currently being shown on the HDTV screen on a selected recording device
  • Timer Programming – allows users to use the electronic program guides (EPGs) that are built into many HDTVs and set-top-boxes to program the timer in recording devices like PVRs and DVRs
  • System Information – checks all components for bus addresses and configuration
  • Deck Control – allows a component to interrogate and control the operation (play, pause, rewind etc.), of a playback component (Blu-ray or HD DVD player or a Camcorder, etc.)
  • Tuner Control – allows a component to control the tuner of another component
  • OSD Display – uses the on-screen display (OSD) of the TV set to display text
  • Device Menu Control – allows a component to control the menu system of another component by passing through the user interface (UI) commands
  • Routing Control – controls the switching of signal sources
  • Remote Control Pass Through – allows remote control commands to be passed through to other devices within the system
  • Device OSD Name Transfer – transfers the preferred device names to the TV set
  • System Audio Control – allows the volume of an AV receiver, integrated amplifier or preamplifier to be controlled using any remote control from a suitably equipped device(s) in the system

Source: Wikipedia


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