How To Get Your Movies From Closed Sony Pictures Store

sony pictures store website titleThe Sony Pictures Store website shut down after January 31, 2019. But if you’re wondering how to watch the movies you purchased they should be accessible on other services, as long as you connected a Vudu account.

How to Get Your Sony Pictures Store Movies

Step 1

As mentioned above, if you set up a Vudu account all the titles you purchased should be available on and the UltraViolet database. That means any app or connected device should be able to play your movies.  UPDATE: UltraViolet is closing July 31, 2019. Be sure to take actions in Step 2 to save your titles.

Step 2

Link your Vudu account to Disney’s Movies Anywhere. This will allow you to access your digital titles on devices that support Movies Anywhere. Be sure to use the same email address.

If you didn’t connect a Vudu account before the Sony Pictures Store shutdown you may be out of luck. However, you might try calling Sony Pictures Store support number to see if there are any other options to access your digital movies. That number is (800) 860-2878.

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