What Movies & TV Shows are in HDR?

hdr-hdrplus-dolbyvision-logosThere are plenty of movies and TV shows that can be watched in High Dynamic Range (HDR) on TVs and mobile devices that support the specification. HDR can be distributed in several ways including HDR10 (open standard), HDR10+ (the next-gen HDR10 standard that is dynamic), and Dolby Vision, as well as HLG (developed by BBC and NHK) and SL-HDR1 (developed by STMicroelectronics, Philips International B.V., and Technicolor R&D France). In the US, HDR10 and Dolby Vision are the most popular specifications found in electronics and entertainment media.

While most think HDR can only be enjoyed on a TV through an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc or digital media from services like Amazon, Apple TV 4k, and Vudu, some tablets and phones also support HDR. What many don’t know is that a screen does not have to be 4k resolution to view HDR. While this is true on a TV, some tablets and phones (like some iPads, iPhones, LG and Samsung phones) can display HDR without actual 4k 2160p resolution. (See this list of phones and tablets.)

There are many titles that can be viewed in HDR using Dolby Vision or HDR10. Here are some lists you can refer to which indicate whether a movie or TV show includes High Dynamic Range.

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