Read Our Review of ‘Fatal Attraction’ Paramount Presents Blu-ray Edition

Michael Douglas stars in “Fatal Attraction” (1987)

The 2020 Blu-ray edition of Fatal Attraction (1987) is the first of Paramount Presents, a new series of classic films restored and released to Blu-ray Disc. Directed by Oscar-nominated Adrian Lyne, Fatal Attraction is the movie that made every man think twice about cheating on his partner. The performances by Glenn Close, Michael Douglas, and Anne Archer are unforgettable. And, the new transfer to 1080p Blu-ray from a newly restored 4k scan of the film is impressive, so much so that you might not expect a 4k Blu-ray to look that much better in terms of sharpness. Sure, a 4k edition with HDR would have been nice, but for $12 at Amazon (List: $24.99) this is one Blu-ray Disc that you’ll be glad to have in your collection. Read our full review of Fatal Attraction (Paramount Presents Edition). 

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