The Best 4k Blu-rays of 2023 (X/Twitter Polls)

Last year’s Twitter polls asking followers to vote on the best 4k Blu-rays was such as success that we decided to try it again in 2023. Each month we’ve rounded up the top 4k Blu-ray titles based on followers’ votes and our own reviews. It’s likely we may miss a few of your favorites but Twitter polls, sadly, only allow 4 choices. This year there is no bracket, but the titles will be included in a six-month article highlighting the top discs.

More than one Twitter poll per month may have been launched if the number of recognized titles was more than four, or, if a franchise was released such as the Star Trek: The Next Generation films in a boxed set but also as individual 4k editions.

Jan. 2023

Feb. 2023 (2 polls)

March 2023

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May 2023 (2 Polls)

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