The Best 4k Blu-ray Disc of 2020 (Twitter Polls)

This year we’ve been asking our Twitter followers to decide the best 4k Blu-ray of the year. Each month, we round up the top 4k Blu-ray releases and open a Twitter poll (yeah, we probably miss a few of your favorites but Twitter polls only allow 4 choices). It works like a basketball bracket. The winner of each month will be added to a second round.

The Best 4k Blu-rays of 2020 (Twitter Polls)

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 7

Group 8

Group 9

Check back soon for upcoming months! And, be sure to see our Top 10 4k Blu-ray Discs of 2019 and complete list of 4k Blu-ray titles since 2016.