Streaming Bitrates Of Movies & Shows Compared on Apple TV+, Disney+, Max, Netflix, Paramount+, Prime…

A reference to streaming bitrates of popular movies and shows as measured on Apple TV 4k through corresponding entertainment apps.

We’ve been cataloging video and audio bitrates delivered through the Apple TV 4K media player via apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, Max, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, and others. Data cloud providers may vary (many services utilize AWS (Amazon Web Services) but the video and audio is being measured through the latest Apple TV 4K media player. Tests were done over Gigabit internet service running on Category 6 Ethernet cable.

Video/Audio Streaming Bitrates Of Movies & TV Series

Notes: Streams may vary during a specific title but we’ve taken an average of several points for illustrative purposes only. Peak video and audio are indicated by the data source data and not the final output. Because displays may vary the approximate display resolution, refresh rate, and video range are not indicated. However, “natural” video size is noted in Video Size column (typically the same as display size). Frame rates may vary by fractions (eg. indicated simply as 24fps). Network bandwidth and stalls are not included.

Apple TV has long been regarded as delivering some of the highest quality video and audio among other streaming devices and platforms. Other popular device & platforms include Prime Video with the Fire TV media players and Roku with The Roku Channel.

Tech Tip: Always wire-connect your game consoles, media players, and TVs if possible. Wi-fi speed and connections may not be consistent.


ASR = Audio Sample-Rate
DV = Dolby Vision
NS = Not Supported

Audio Audio Sample-Rate
Peak Video = Indicated Bitrate Peak Video