dolby atmos logoWant to know what speakers you can use to listen to Dolby Atmos audio? Here’s a list of speakers with Dolby Atmos enabled such as Pioneer, Klipsch, Onkyo, and NHT. Remember that your Blu-ray player, media player, TV, or digital service also needs to support Dolby Atmos playthrough.

List of Dolby Atmos Supporting Speakers

Atlantic Technology Add-on Module 44-DA
Canton Add-on Module AR-400
Canton Add-on Module AR-500
Canton Add-on Module AR-800
D&M Add-on Module SC-EN10K
Definitive Technology Add-on Module A60
Definitive Technology Add-on Module A90
Definitive Technology Floorstanding Speaker BP9080x
Elac (Germany) Add-on Module TS 3030
Elac (USA) Add-on Module A4
Focal Bookshelf Sib EVO
HECO Add-on Module AM 200
Jamo Add-on Module ATM 50
KEF Add-on Module R50
Klipsch Add-on Module R-14SA
Klipsch Add-on Module RP-140SA
Klipsch Floorstanding Speaker P-280A
Klipsch Floorstanding Speaker R-26FA
Magnat Add-on Module AEH 400-ATM
Martin Logan Add-on Module Motion AFX
NHT Add-on Module MS-Mini
NHT Bookshelf MS-Sat
NHT Floorstanding Speaker MS-T
Nubert Add-on Module RS-54
Onkyo Add-on Module D-309H
Onkyo Add-on Module SKH-410
Onkyo Bookshelf SKS-HT594
Pioneer Add-on Module SP-TA22
Pioneer Bookshelf SP-BS22A
Pioneer Bookshelf SP-EBS73-LR
Pioneer Floorstanding Speaker SP-EFS73
PSB Add-on Module Imagine XA
Speaker Craft Add-on Module ATX100
Speaker Craft Integrated In-wall ATS1
Speaker Craft Integrated In-wall ATS2
Speaker Craft Integrated In-wall ATS200
Speaker Craft Integrated In-wall ATS3
Speaker Craft Integrated In-wall ATS500
Teufel Floorstanding Speaker LT5
Triad Add-on Module Bronze Height Module
Triad Add-on Module Silver Height Module
Triad Bookshelf InRoom Bronze LR-H
Triad Bookshelf InRoom Silver LR-H

Last updated Oct. 17, 2018. Source: Dolby Laboratories