How To Turn Off Netflix Smart Downloads on Android & iOS

Are “Smart Downloads” from Netflix draining your battery? Or, do you want to keep previously-watched episodes for viewing again later? Here is how to turn them off (and coincidentally, how to turn back on again) depending on your preference.

Smart Downloads don’t use cellular (they only work on Wi-Fi), but you can control what apps use cellular data under your phone Settings > Cellular (iPhone) Network & Internet Data > Mobile data usage Settings (Android).

How To Turn Off Netflix Smart Downloads

Turn off Smart Downloads from your Downloads section

  1. Tap the Downloads icon
  2. From the top of the My Downloads section, select Smart Downloads.
  3. Use the toggle to turn Smart Downloads off.

Turn off Smart Downloads from App Settings

  1. Tap the Menu icon
  2. Scroll down and select App Settings.
  3. Under the Downloads heading, use the toggle to turn Smart Downloads off.

[Note: Smart Downloads for Android launched July 10, 2018. We expect an iOS update in the near future.]